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Wise Monkeys Communications - seminars and training to enhance communications and Wise Monkeys Business - fine products that remind us to Just Do What's Right!


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About Jewelry Designs by Shayna

"Becoming an entrepreneur was not unexpected.  I believe that's been in my DNA since I was born.  Becoming a jewelry designer, on the other hand, has been a complete surprise."
Susan "Shayna" Scribner
Founder and President, Wise Monkeys Business

Our new jewelry website  was born more by accident than by intentional planning.  An educator by training, Susan Scribner developed training seminars to help her participants understand how to Just Do What's Right in three areas:  Social Manners and Dining Etiquette ("What Happened to my Dinner Roll?"), Personal and Professional Communications ("With All Due Respect") and Care of Aging Parents ("Comfort in the Caring Process").

Fed up with what she calls a "tsunami of incivility" running rampant in our communities, schools, homes, workplaces and on the athletic playing fields, Dr. Scribner set out to bring greater civility and harmony to our lives through more respectful communication and a greater understanding of each other.

"If we are nice to just one person, like letting someone cut into your line of traffic, that person will feel good and consequently be nice to someone else.  You see, civility IS contagious.  We can spread it from one person to another.  It can become an epidemic!" says Scribner.  "Basically, it's not difficult.  All you have to do is choose to Just Do What's Right."

The objective of the three seminars of Wise Monkeys Communications is to help folks learn to Just Do What's Right.  Scribner thought she might help participants take the message home with them and pass it on to others by offering a bracelet for purchase at the conclusion of each program.  When she asked a jewelry designer to put together a bracelet, her friend suggested Shayna design her own bracelets.  She did and she found she loved it.

It is Shayna's hope that the image of the Wise Monkeys, now on a variety of items that include mugs, totes and T's and a line of Wise Monkeys Kids products teaching good character traits and behavior, will become a reminder to all of us to choose to Just Do What's Right and help spread civility.  The company's products are sold under the label of Wise Monkeys Business, while the educational seminar and training programs are services of Wise Monkeys Communications. 

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