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Susan ScribnerAbout the Company

Wise Monkeys Business is dedicated to promoting the sage advice of our famous simian friends.

It's been said that with age comes wisdom.  If that's so, and who can really dispute it, then the message and folklore of the Three Monkeys, more than 2,000 years old, is clearly steeped in wisdom.

We can trace the origin of the advice of the monkeys to the Chinese philosopher Confucious who, in 500 BC, instructed his pupils "Don't think in an evil way."

Now conveyed by the familiar monkeys who preach the lessons through poses, See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, this age-old adage serves us as well today as in the days of Confucious.  Following this advice challenges us to make decisions to Just Do What's Right, the results of which lead us to successful accomplishments, greater harmony and inevitably more civility in our environment.

Our products are unique and distinctive.  They each carry the message of the Wise Monkeys with a special card and incorporate the image and message of the Wise Monkeys in their decision.  Attractive, functional and of distinctive high quality, each item incorporates the Wise Monkeys logo to help spread the message in a fun and meaningful way.  The image of the Wise Monkeys will be a reminder, for children as well as for adults, to choose to Just Do What's Right.  By helping others, demonstrating responsibility, and showing respect and pride, each of us will inevitably spread the message by our own actions.

Our line of jewelry designs, bookmarks, key chains and watches, mugs, tote bags and T-shirts, as well as our products in our Wise Monkeys Kids Collection are colorful, durable and practical.  We invite you to stroll through our product line, read the Wise Monkeys' messages along the route, and join us on our journey to wipe out incivility.

While we know you cannot Just Do What's Right without knowing what's right to do, we offer training programs in three key areas:  social manners and dining etiquette (What happened To My Dinner Roll?), Effective Personal and Professional Communications (With All Due Respect) and Care of Aging Parents (Comfort in the Caring Process).

Our educational programs are available for companies, colleges, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and individual groups.

Our products are offered by Wise Monkeys Business and our education programs and services are offered by Wise Monkeys Communications LLC.

Civility Is Contagious. Spread It!

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