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Knowing what's right is not enough.  Doing what's right is putting knowledge into action.

The Wise Monkeys Advice - Verse 1The lessons we learn from the Three Wise Monkeys is ages old.  The Asian adage See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil represents a 2,500 year old code of conduct that effectively serves as the fundamentals for etiquette, good manners, courtesy and a code of conduct for our 21st century.

Around 500 BC, the philosopher Confucius (551 - 479 BCE) wrote the Chinese Book of Rites or Li Chi.  "Li" means regulation of conduct, custom and law (etiquette), and "chi" means book.  In Li Chi, Confucius' advice is to "look not at what is contrary to Li, listen not to what is contrary to Li, speak not what is contrary to Li."  He summed up the meaning of 300 verses he edited in a single phrase, "Don't think in an evil way."

A Japanese folktale tells of a Japanese temple, inside of which is an image of a meditating Buddha seated on a lotus blossom.  In front of him The Wise Monkeys Advice - Verse 2 are three little monkeys, one with its hands over its eyes, another over its ears, and the third covering its mouth.  What do these three monkeys signify?  By its gesture the first one says:  "I do not see evil and folly."  The second one says: "I do not hear them." and the third: "I do not speak of them."

In the same way, the wise man is prudent in what he looks at, in what he listens to, and in what he says.  He considers the consequences, thinks of the morrow, and if he does not know his way, he asks.

Acknowledging the benefits of the lessons of seeing and hearing No Evil, John Redfield's Eighth Insight in The Celestine Prophesy states "By seeing the beauty in every face, we lift others into their wisest self, and increase the chances of hearing a synchronistic message."

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